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Super engaging, super shareable content.

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Copy that pleases humans and the Google gods.

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Smart copy that sells your products and services.

Information architecture

Plan that sitemap and work those wireframes.









Articles - Technology on EWC

I started got interest writing a lot of articles, provides consultancy and training to SME entrepreneurs to build business online. I was so passionate what I was doing and created a simple eBook guide for my students "How they can setup a simple website using proper coding, and started with a Spa website". Fortunately, several free web tools and apps help students quickly and easily create their website and publish their own digital books. You've probably shared a few of these in your messages if you've communicated through technology in the past decade, but could emotion depicting icons have an even longer history than we assume?





Copywriter 2005 - 2008

Whether it's business coaching, music, nutrition, fitness, digital art or writing, it doesn't matter – someone will value your expertise and want to find out more about it. One of the simplest and most effective ways to turn your passion into a business and to monetize your skills is to by selling eBooks. This usually results in a pretty lame interactive eBook, one that doesn't fully take advantage of the technology or its storytelling capabilities. It's my personal mission to make sure that as many marketers as possible have an opportunity to create interactive content, and that they use interactivity to make ...

The Story of My Success

If you are an online business owner and are not yet active in article marketing, you need to get started as soon as possible. Why write articles? Article writing and marketing is one of the most powerful ways to boost your traffic and sales. Articles will build your reputation and credibility.
Article writing is the backbone to the success of your internet marketing business. Unless you are going to spend money on advertising, via things like pay per click advertising, you are going to have to get traffic to your website somehow. Let's look at why article writing is so important to your success. Your goal is to add strategic images that help your readers, and enhance your content.